Welcome to Gravity. It all starts with the grower. Bolder than your average coffee. Bolder than your average coffee.

Welcome to Gravity.

Scroll down to find out how to make better coffee, find a taste you'll like, and gain some insight into the art and science of blending and roasting.

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It all starts with the grower.

At Gravity we strive to build long term trade relationships with our key partner farms.

How do we pick the farms we team up with? They've got to be into sustainable farming, look out for their workers and community, and be committed to superior quality control. Oh yeah, their beans have to be the best too.

This week, Gravity's brewmaster Stu Hargie is in Brazil.


Bolder than your average coffee.

For those of you who prefer your coffee with a bit more oomph, our brewmaster Stu Hargie has developed a new blend: Super Bold.

Made using premium beans from Brazil and El Salvador, Super Bold goes through a specially developed roasting process to ensure a dark blend, without any burnt or bitter notes. The resulting flavour is deep, rich and satisfying.


Welcome to Gravity.

Scroll down to find out how to make better coffee, find a taste you'll like, and gain some insight into the art and science of blending and roasting.

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Find the perfect blend for you.

Whether you like your coffee smooth, dark, fruity or intense, Gravity has a blend that suits every taste. How do we do it? It's all down to the art of blending and the science of roasting.

About Us

Behind the scenes at Gravity.

Learn about how we create our blends, where we source our beans from, and who the people are that make it all happen.

About Us

Get set up with machines and knowledge.

At Gravity, our mission is to team up with you and build your business by providing the finest blends, plus the tools and training to make consistently great coffee.

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Better Beans     Better Service    
  • Gravity beans are sourced and blended by Gravity's Brew Master Stu Hargie, New Zealand's most qualified coffee guru.
  • Gravity beans are roasted daily in our state of the art roaster, the Probat G120. Regarded as the world's best coffee roaster, it maximises and enhances the taste of each roasted batch, ensuring freshness, consistency and quality every delivery.
  • Gravity implements a 26 step quality control process, from pick to delivery, to ensure every roast is as good as it should be. Every single roast is tested in our tasting rooms to ensure it meets our high standards.
  • Gravity has the exclusive NZ license for La Cimbali espresso machines, simply the worlds' best.

Machines - La Cimbali

We also stock, sell and offer in-house training for La Cimbali espresso machines. La Cimbali has been designing and engineering coffee machines since 1912 from its factory just outside Milan. The company maintains a strong focus on technology, building advanced machines that can extract perfect espresso and produce velvet-smooth steamed milk time after time.

You won't find better.
For more on La Cimbali coffee machines and grinders, check out their website:

Gravity Gear

Gravity Guys

Chris Brown
National Hospo Sales Manager
What can I tell you? I love coffee. Coffee to me is not only about what's in the cup, how it's roasted and where it comes from, but it's also about people. Coffee is sociable, it's emotive and it's easy to get passionate about.
Gary Dalhousie
Cafe Business Manager - Auckland
I love coffee because it is mysterious, stimulating, invigorating, natural, complex and it comes in many guises.
Aymon McQuade
Cafe Business Manager - Wellington
What do I love about coffee? So many people drink it and therefore have an opinion on it. It's a great catalyst for fascinating conversation no matter the level of knowledge. There's always something amazing happening in the world of coffee.
Tony Rayner
Business Manager South Island
Coffee for me is the chance to be social, sit back with friends and family and enjoy the experience. It has become something so quintessentially Kiwi and nothing is more enjoyable than a ride through the Canterbury hills followed by a rewarding coffee with friends.
Greg Phillips
Cafe Business Manager - Auckland
I started in the industry in the 90's and in that time I have been a machine technician, barista trainer, owned my own coffee company and cafes and I have been a coffee sales rep for over a decade. What I love the most about coffee, is the people.
Shaun Davey
Barista Trainer
I started first working for Gravity as the assistant manager of our Christchurch cafe, before leaving for my big OE in 2010. Gravity lured me back in 2013 to work as the South Island trainer. I spent my time away working in coffee, gaining incredible experience in Europe setting up and running barista teams.
Johnny Leung
Barista Trainer
I love coffee, it fuels my mind. what excites me the most is the immense diversity of the coffee world. As a barista trainer there's nothing like seeing a student smile as they discover more about coffee and themselves.
Vinicius Antonio Bolzani
The smell is one of the most emotional senses. I just love how the smell of coffee in the morning is able to make people's day better.
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